The off-grid solar industry renews its commitment to improve climate resilience for 1 billion people by 2030

The Power 1 Billion Lives Compact is a voluntary commitment to action led by GOGLA as part of the UN Energy Compacts 

Amsterdam, 15 November 2022

GOGLA is representing the off-grid solar industry at COP27 with a clear message of hope and inspiration: by 2030, its Power 1 Billion Lives Compact can improve resilience for 1 billion people who are among the most climate vulnerable in the world. 

Today over 700 million people still lack access to electricity, while a billion more have insufficient energy. GOGLA believes it is possible to improve climate justice and resilience for many of them through off-grid solar solutions. That’s why, on Energy Day at COP27, it is calling for renewed commitments from governments, investors, donors and other stakeholders to support its Power 1 Billion Lives Compact. The industry aim is to create first time access to electricity for 550 million people, strengthen clean energy services for a further 260 million people and enable 190 million people to benefit from the productive use of renewable technologies.  

We call on all stakeholders to join us in boosting the off-grid solar sector to end energy poverty and unlock the life-changing benefits that clean electricity access brings - for both people and planet. We know that off-grid solar solutions are the quickest and cheapest way to reach millions of the most climate-vulnerable people in the planet. We just need the right support to make it happen.  Koen Peters, Executive Director at GOGLA

In addition to off-grid industry leaders, the Compact is endorsed by over 100 investors, donors and government partners . This climate commitment underpins similar commitments from, among others, the World Bank, the Netherlands, or the “PowerUp” campaign. However, to achieve universal access to electricity an even greater step change in ambition is needed, and funding for off-grid solar must increase by 10x.

By joining forces and sharing knowledge, we can help make a transition towards a sustainable world while leaving no one behind. Off-grid solar energy is a key part of this clean and just transition so we recognize the importance of GOGLA’s Compact for climate goals and encourage others to endorse it. René van Hell, Director of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

COP 27 has shone a spotlight on the critical importance of electricity access. It is a moral imperative to place the world's poorest at the forefront of a cleaner, fairer, energy transition, ensuring they have the tools they need to combat the impacts of a climate change they are not responsible for. 

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